Thursday, February 24, 2011

منتديات عراق لايف

منتديات عراقية تحتوي على اقسام ومواضيع في مختلف المجالات العامة يسعدنا انضمامك ومشاركتك معنا

دليل مواقع عراق لايف

دليل مواقع عراق لايف دليل شامل متكامل يحتوي على العديد من الاقسام والمواقع المميزة
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Your world in 3D Make

Picasa Web Albums: free photo sharing from Google
Fast and easy photo sharing from Google. Share with friends and family, or explore public photos. - Cached - Similar -
NARA on Google Video
This selection of nineteen "Headquarters Films (HQ)" preserved in the National Archives, represents a series of over 250 titles collected by the NASA Office ... - Cached - Similar -
Knol - a unit of knowledge: share what you know, publish your ...
Knol makes it free and easy to create, collaborate on, and publish credible web content. Put your name behind your content; write a knol. - Cached - Similar -
Google Gears
A Firefox and Internet Explorer extension that allows to navigate on compatible websites offline and synchronize when going back online. - Cached - Similar -
Google Web Accelerator Download
We're sorry, but Google Web Accelerator is no longer available for download. Google Web Accelerator works with your browser to help web pages show up in a ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Earth
Include Google Chrome, a new web browser for Windows. Learn about Google Chrome. By installing, you agree to Google Earth's Privacy Policy and Google ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Answers
We're sorry, but Google Answers has been retired, and is no longer accepting ... Search or browse the existing Google Answers index by using the search box ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Sync on your mobile phone
Synchronize your Google Contacts and Calendar with your mobile phone. Available for BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Mobile, and more. - Cached - Similar -
3D Warehouse
Your world in 3D Make buildings for Google Earth. 3D building acceptance criteria. Get your model into Google Earth. ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Accounts
Google App Engine enables developers to build web applications on the same scalable systems that power our own applications. ... - Cached - Similar -

Welcome to Google Docs

Google Desktop Download
The sidebar in Google Desktop includes a news widget that learns from the articles you read and a feed reader widget that learns from the websites you ... - Cached - Similar -
Offers the choice of searching the whole web or web pages from Australia. Also advanced search, image and groups search, news and directory from the Open ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Web Toolkit - Google Code
Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX applications like Google Maps and Gmail easy for developers taking care of browser and platform ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Pack
Google Pack is: Software selected by Google; Always free; Ready to use in just a few clicks! ... International versions of Google Pack available in: ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Book Search
Google's collection of digitized books includes a large number of books related to Old English literature and language. Users can search for books by author ... - Similar -
Google AdWords: Keyword Tool
Enter one keyword or phrase per line to see what related word searches your ad will show on. - Cached - Similar -
Google Scholar
Provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles. - Cached - Similar -
Welcome to Google Docs
Create and edit web-based documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Store documents online and access them from any computer. - Cached - Similar -
Picasa 3: Free download from Google
Picasa is a software download from Google that helps you organize, edit, and share your ... Free photo editing software from Google, now with name tags. ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Blog Search
Go to Blog Search Home · Advanced Blog Search · Preferences · Google Home - About Google Blog Search Beta - Information for Blog Authors. ©2009 Google. - Cached - Similar - - Cached - Similar - Google SketchUp

Google Directory
Searchable directory based on the ODP, combined with their own PageRank algorithm within each category. - Cached - Similar -
Google Translate
Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports: English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Adwords
PPC program where webmasters can create their own ads and choose keywords. - Cached - Similar -
Google Accounts
Your Google Account gives you access to Gmail and other Google services. If you already have a Google Account, you can sign in here. ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Wave - Communicate and collaborate in real time
Google Wave is currently in a limited preview. Request an invitation. ©2009 Google - Developer APIs - Federation Protocol - Terms - Privacy Policy - Help. - Cached - Similar -
Picasa 3: Free download from Google
Picasa is a software download from Google that helps you organize, edit, and share your photos. It's free, and easy to use. - Cached - Similar -
Google SketchUp
A 3D software tool that combines a tool-set with an intelligent drawing system. Enables to place models using real-world coordinates and share them with the ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Page Creator
We are no longer accepting new sign-ups for Page Creator because we have shifted our focus to developing Google Sites, which offers many of the capabilities ... - Cached -
Google Checkout
Want a faster, safer and more convenient way to shop online? You got it. Read about our buyers' experiences with Google Checkout. ... - Cached - Similar -
Google Code
Google's official developer site. Featuring APIs, developer tools and technical resources. - Cached - Similar -